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The options are endless with Barron Aviation Private Flight Services at the Hannibal Regional Airport. Check out our various pages and sites and get in on the fun!!

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Barron Aviation Private Flight Services makes it easy and affordable to complete the flight training for your private pilot ticket. Our staff of professional, experienced pilots will get you on your way!

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  • Aerobatic rides in our North American T-6
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We are looking for additional skydive pilots for this season of skydiving. Our skydive sales are growing so our staff must grow as well to meet the need. The season opens the first weekend in April and will end the last weekend in October. We have a variety of personalities that work for, and jump with us here at Rapid Descent Skydiving. So we are sure you will fit in. If interested, please contact us at 573-221-3230

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Aviation Services

We offer Aerial Photography in our Cessna 172. This aircraft is fitted with a custom door that is perfectly suited for photography. This service has a few different options to meet your needs. You can go up for a flight and take the photos on your personal photo or video device. We can provide the equipment necessary for the session or a staff member can capture the photos for you on our device or yours. After the photo session is complete, we can provide you with all of the raw copies or one of our staff will edit the images for your optimal viewing pleasure.