Aerobatic T-6 Rides

Are you looking to take the flight of your life? An Aerobatic Ride in our North American T-6 is just the thrill you are seeking. This Vintage Aircraft is fully restored by the amazing craftsmanship and all around airplane enthusiasts at Barron Aviation . Our T-6 is a WWII era fighter trainer. Just being able to sit in this amazing aircraft is a privilege all it’s own and then you get to take a flight!

Our Pilot will go over everything with you prior to your take-off, we know not everyone will enjoy the same flight as the passenger before them so our pilot will customize the flight specifically for you! The T-6 holds one passenger and the pilot, together they will take an amazing Aerobatic flight above beautiful Hannibal,MO.

A Ride in the T-6 costs $300.00-$350.00 per half hour, depending on what exactly you want your ride to consist of.