CESSNA 190/195/LC-126 MODELS

Prices are not shown on this list due to the ever-changing prices from all of the vendors. Use this list to determine the options you might be interested in then we will use current prices for each. This list is by no means all of the possible options and alterations for these airplanes. We are adding to it constantly and will accommodate any modification in our services to you, so long as FAA approval can be obtained. Therefore if there is something you find, or think of, let us know and we will do our best to design and approve it for you.

The following options are listed in categories. Some could apply to different groups but are only listed once, so be sure to read through the whole list.


  • Solid mount kit for Cessna spinner (Butterfly Aviation) – moderate job (337) – solid mounts spinner to prop hub in place of the original floating design – helps stop spinner cracking.
  • Large spinner kit (Butterfly Aviation) – Larger aluminum spinner with shape similar to the original Cessna design – minor job (line 3 approval) – improved airflow to cylinder heads.
  • Dual oil cooler – minor job – second oil cooler (Jacobs only)
  • Oil cooler shutter – minor job – helps regulate oil temperature with manual cockpit cable control (Jacobs only)
  • Brackett air filter – direct replacement for original (337) – improved filtering of intake air & available filter elements.
  • Jasco alternator – replaces generator with new alternator unit (337) – greater reliability, improved charging characteristics, less weight and better parts availability.
  • Intake tube drain kit (Barron Aviation) – minor job (337) – automatically drains #4 & #5 intake tubes via check valves preventing engine link rod damage and possible subsequent failure.
  • Rocker box drain kit (Barron Aviation) – minor job (line 3 approval) – drains sump overflow while not in use via the lower rocker boxes.
  • New replacement ignition coil (Butterfly Aviation) – direct replacement with minor modification required (337) – enhanced ignition spark and reliability.
  • Clean kit (Ray’s) – moderate job (337) – expanded sump system mounts under engine.
  • Oil filter kit – several options here with manufacturers and arrangements – minor job (337) – reduced engine wear due to particles in oil.
  • New stainless exhaust system – direct replacement – overhauled and yellow tagged.
  • Fuel strainer lower plug drain – minor job – allows removal of all of the water from the bottom of the strainer housing.
  • Oil tank heater – several to choose from – minor job (337) – preheats oil for cold weather starts.
  • Winterization kit – minor installation – blocks some airflow through engine compartment for winter operations.


  • Custom instrument panel – CAD designed and cut to your equipments needs – direct replacement – enhanced arrangement and maintenance accessibility of instruments and avionics.
  • Digital engine instruments – There are several options ranging from individual instruments to complete systems with a single screen display – condenses panel space used and provides good warning/alarm systems.
  • Fuel computer system – many to choose from (337 or line 3 approval).
  • Intercom system – many to choose from (337 or line 3 approval).
  • Autopilot – S-Tec or Century (337).
  • Avionics – limitless choices (Barron Aviation and King’s Avionics provide consulting as desired) (337 or line 3 approval).
  • Instrument lighting – post or back light types or original map light type cockpit lighting system (337 or line 3 approval) – improved night instrument and outside visibility.
  • Vacuum failure warning system – minor job (line 3 approval) – warning light for vacuum system failure.
  • New style circuit breakers – direct replacement – these offer the capability to manually pull selected CB’s.
  • Engine monitor system – several to choose from – minor job (337) – monitors EGT, CHT, oil temp, OAT, etc. – good for condensing panel space requirements.
  • Digital fuel quantity system – complete replacement system (line 3 approval) – improved accuracy and parts availability.
  • External power receptacle – minor job – easy access for application of external electrical power.


  • C&D cabin heater – direct replacement with minor modifications (337) – higher BTU and it’s NEW
  • Heater fuel shutoff valve – minor job (line 3 approval) – accessible from cabin
  • Sliding windshield sunshades – direct installation – solid type like original option
  • Side window air vents – rotating wing blast type – provides good air for rear seat passengers
  • Seat back pull straps – minor job – attach to back of front seats as assist straps for rear seat passengers.
  • Tinted windshield and windows – several tint colors to choose from.
  • Controllable cockpit air vents – several to choose from – minor job/direct replacement (337 or line 3 approval) – allow for airflow and direction control.
  • Extended baggage compartment – 3 configurations to choose from – moderate job – offers extra baggage space.
  • Dual control yokes – when parts are available – minor job – full time dual controls in place of the original throw over control.
  • Custom seat design – minor job using sculpted foam and/or memory foam – enhanced comfort.
  • Inertia reel shoulder harness kit with floor mount lap belts (BAS) – minor job (337) – Enhanced safety


  • Cleveland wheels and brakes – direct replacement (337) – requires different backing plates for wheel pants and modification of the wheel pant cutouts – provide much improved braking and parts availability.
  • Wheel pants – fiberglass, fiberglass with original type straps or aluminum – direct installation – enhanced cosmetics and keeps debris off bottom of wings.
  • Tow lugs – direct installation – mount on inboard side of gear legs for ground handling with tow bar.
  • Locking tail wheel (Ray’s or Barron Aviation) – moderate modification (337 or line 3 approval) – enhanced crosswind capability and ground directional stability.
  • Late style Cessna brake master cylinders – direct replacement – enhanced brake system reliability.
  • 4” tail wheel or tail wheel tire adapters (Cleveland/RR-Russ) – direct installation (337 or line 3 approval) – lower replacement cost of tire and tube.
  • Steel axles – direct replacement main gear axles (337 or line 3 approval) – enhanced strength.
  • Heavy-duty gear leg bolts – direct replacement – enhanced strength.


  • Tail pull kit – minor job (337) – retractable handles in aft fuselage for ground handling
  • Forward fuselage heavy-duty modification – minor job (during fuselage build up) (line 3 approval) – added strength and rigidity to gear box and door post and baggage door areas of fuselage.
  • Steel doorpost reinforcements – minor/moderate job (line 3 approval) – enhanced strength to upper doorposts.
  • Chrome entry step – direct replacement – cosmetic enhancement and corrosion barrier.
  • Fuselage side step with or without assist handles – minor job (during fuselage build up) – allows fueling and windshield top access without ladder.
  • Late style short chord elevators – when available – direct replacement – enhanced vertical stability in cruise.
  • Rudder trim – when available – major job – trim out rudder pressure during climb and descent.
  • Steering release cable standoff – direct installation – allows ground maneuvering with tail cone removed.


  • Extended range fuel bladders – requires moderate wing modification (337) – 20 extra gallons of fuel capacity.
  • Aluminum inboard aileron hinge brackets (Barron Aviation) – direct replacement kit (337) – major safety enhancement and complies with AD04-21-08. (Barron Aviation cannot build or annual a 190/195 without aluminum inboard brackets that are approved).
  • Under wing loading light – minor job – direct wired light with switch inside door for loading and unloading aircraft.
  • Wing tip strobes – minor/moderate job (337) – enhanced visibility to other traffic.
  • Large chord flaps – moderate job – better deceleration rate when extended and/or power is removed as well as lower pitch attitude on approach.
  • Improved fuel caps – several to choose from – minor job (337 or line 3 approval) – improved sealing.
  • Dual landing lights – moderate job – extra light for night operations.


  • Float kit (less floats and aux. Fins) – major job (337) – reinforcement and mount kit for original float installation.
  • Stall warning system – several options – minor/moderate job – audio/visual stall indication.
  • Custom paint scheme design with graphics – manual (not CAD) – exact colors not available until paint is mixed.


  • Cowl gap cover – red vinyl – keeps rain out of distributor, which will prevent the engine from starting until the distributor is dried out.
  • Gear leg step – wedge type – handy for airports without ladders.
  • Windshield cover – gray vinyl – snaps on to block sun damage.
  • Books and Manuals – several to choose from