Company History

Rapid Descent Skydiving is operated by Barron Aviation Private Flight Services, a sister company to Barron Aviation LLC, founded in 1997. Barron Aviation, located in Perry, Missouri, has a long and rich history in restorations of classic aircraft including the Cessna 195 and Twin Beech 18 series. Many of these restorations have received numerous awards nationwide, including prestigious awards at EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. As years go by, less of these aircraft are being flown, and fewer people are getting a chance to see, hear, and ride in these classics. Seeing a way to keep these aircraft flying, a drop zone was established during the summer of 2009 utilizing these aircraft types as the core of the skydive operations. Barron Aviation Private Flight Services, the operator of the drop zone, is also the fixed base operator at the Hannibal Regional Airport, in Hannibal, Missouri. Operations at this location commenced during the summer of 2008. Services include aircraft maintenance and rental, flight instruction, glider operations, scenic flights, aerial photography, skydiving and skydiving instruction. Every year our drop zone gets more and more attention, we strive to spread the word more and more as time goes on. Since 2009 we have tripled our Tandem students per year and doubled our solo jumper crowd. The airport continues to grow and expand; In fall 2014 Survival Flight, an Air Ambulance crew, opened a new base here at the Hannibal Regional Airport. Since then we have expanded our Taxiway to make room for more hanger space with living quarters for Survival Flight and some of our loyal pilots and we have also started discussions about extending our runway in the upcoming years.