Custom Built Aircraft

With a "Custom Built Airplane" you get to choose the scheme, colors, paint system, window tinting and many other exterior finishing details. We do provide paint scheme and color selection assistance to whatever degree requested by our customers.

You also get to design your own interior, right down to the stitching. you get to pick the materials, carpet, colors, seat design, seat foam, headliner, accent trim, pockets, pouches, handles and any options you desire. We make all new original style trim pieces and overlays. Nowhere else can you get a complete interior like this!

For Engine and Propeller we can install the model of your choice, overhauled by the shop of your choice or a "servicable" engine and/or propeller as removed from one of our airplanes

All of our Custom Built Projects get a complete Barron Aviation Aircraft Records Portfolio. This system is a complete organized maintenance records portfolio divided by record types and with record sheets for listing each document added to the section. This system has been strongly praised by the FAA, adds value to the aircraft, and is very easy to use/maintain with a full set of instructions.

As far as Instruments and Avionics there are many choices ranging from an original panel with overhauled and re-faced original instruments to a complete modern custom panel. Whatever you choose we have you covered. We design our instrument panels with a CAD program and then waterjet cut them from blank stock. Visit Panels, Instruments, & Avionics under Services for more information.