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Fabricated Wheel pants for Cessna 195

The Code of Federal Regulations allows for replacement parts to be fabricated by the owner of an aircraft. FAR 21.303(b)(2) “Replacement and Modification Parts” is the rule permitting this. This exception provides for the fabrication of parts when there are no production parts available. The parts do not have to be physically produced by the aircraft owner. They can be fabricated to original design data by persons contracted to produce the components as specified by the aircraft owner. “Original Design Data” means original component drawings. When these do not exist or are not legibile (due to the standard practice of converting old drawings to micro-film) the next best thing to use are original un-damaged pattern parts. The best combination is using both together. For the Cessna 190/195 series airplanes we have a complete set of patterning parts and drawings. If you decide to have us build any components, the original pieces (in any condition) will typically be helpful as not all parts were consistent from plane to plane. If you are thinking of having us build any parts or components, contact us. If we can help you we will have you complete the letter (bold fields) below, print it off, sign and send it to us. We will fabricate the components requested, complete the work performed sections on FAA Form 337’s as “Repair by Manufacture” and supporting data, then ship to you. It will be your responsibility to have 337 form completed and final approval signed off after installation. It is advisable to advise your local FSDO prior to starting this process as many FAA personnel are not entirely familiar with this proceedure. Some coordination may be necessary, especially in today’s enviornment.

PLEASE NOTE: Almost every formed part on older airplanes requires “fitting” during installation. They were were hand made and fitted piece by piece in their conception and require the same in their repair. (but they are definately worth it!)

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This letter is to request your services in producing me a part (or parts) in accordance with FAR 21.303(b)(2), “Replacement and Modification Parts”. Please fabricate the part(s) as described below and provide FAA Form 337 documents reflecting this work performed. I understand it is my responsibility to properly install and approve these parts through the local FAA Flight Standards District Office as they are used on my aircraft.