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The International Cessna 195

Club was founded in 1969 by Dwight Ewing to promote the use and enjoyment of the Cessna 195 series of classic aircraft. Today, the Club has 686 members from 52 states and 12 countries.

Coyle Schwab, President
The International Cessna 195 Club
632 North Tyler Road
St Charles, Illinois 60174
Tel: 630-513-7002

Air Repair

is located in Cleveland Mississippi. We offer a variety of aircraft and related services to satisfied customers across the globe. This web site will help you find the answers and information that you need.

Banner Links site

This is a website with many links to other helpful pages. There are pages from Skydiving to Aircraft carriers and everything in between :)

Global Air

Aviation Directory, Aviation Sales and much much more. Visit

The Sky's NO Limit-Girls Fly Too

click here to link to the Girls fly too Facebook Page