Training-Rapid Descent

Skydiving Training

Rapid Descent offers several options for skydiving instruction along with an experienced staff of instructors and first class equipment. The atmosphere here is professional but very fun! Safety and thorough training are our primary concerns and these objectives are best accomplished in an entertaining yet relaxed environment. Our instructors have worked very hard in an effort to create a syllabus with training aides that is second to none. We are a USPA (United States Parachute Association) drop zone and therefore follow the basic training progression outlined in the SIM (Skydiving Information Manual). The sport of skydiving requires confidence. Confidence comes from proper training and experience. Rapid Descent is an excellent choice for both!


The Accelerated Free Fall program is the primary skydiving training method at Rapid Descent. This program takes you, as a student, right into the heart of skydiving with two instructors at your side. Confidence and proper techniques are instilled right from the start, unlike other training methods used in the past. Most students prefer the AFF training as well. It is shorter and much more fun!

Skydiving training at Rapid Descent always begins with a tandem jump. We call it the “Wahoo Jump!” This is an awesome experience and a fantastic introduction to skydiving!

The initial AFF training is a minimum of 7 jumps starting with two instructors then progressing to just one. Each lesson begins with ground training followed by a jump. Everything from safety procedures to body flight in freefall is covered in detail.

Upon completion of the lessons to the instructors satisfaction, you will be released to “solo”. This is the time you get to jump on your own and practice all that you have been taught. When the required jumps are complete you will be eligible for your USPA “A” license!