Upgrades & Mods

We are very dedicated to the Cessna 195 as well as the other Classics. We usually have more than one modification project in the works at any given point in time. In the past we only pursued many of our modifications to the point of design/engineering approval, then used the Line 3 process of the FAA Form 337. This is becoming more difficult and time consuming to do. With all of the work and documentation that is required for the “Field Approval” process, it is often times better to obtain STC approval, even for very low volume mods.

Most of our modifications are listed in the “Cessna 190, 195, & LC-126 Options List” at the very bottom of this page. The modifications shown immediately below this paragraph are ones that we have, or are in the process of obtaining STC Approval for. This STC List will be growing in the near future, unless something changes drastically with the whole 337 approval process.

STC#: SA00871WI

STC#: SA00871WI

Barron Aviation Inboard Aileron Hinge Bracket Kit

These are sold as a kit (part no. BA-0322709-K), and replace the original Cessna 195 brackets entirely. They come completely ready to install and include new high grade mounting hardware. See Aileron Hinges under Maint & Tech Info for more information.

The installation of these brackets satisfies AD 04-21-08, with no further inspections necessary.

STC#: SE01243WI

STC#: SE01243WI

Barron Aviation Intake Tube Drain Kit

This STC applies to the Jacobs R755, L-4 and L-6 series engines and Continental W670 series engines, installed on any aircraft. They automatically drain any pooling of engine damaging oil and/or fuel in the lower intake tubes. This kit is a very simple and economical way to protect your engine from serious liquid lock damage and potential link rod failure.

See Intake Drains page under Maintenance & Technical Information for more on this subject.

STC#: SA01458WI

STC#: SA01458WI

Barron Aviation Cessna 195 Heavy Fuselage

We have modified a number of Cessna 195's with this fuselage strengthening modification. It is designed to strengthen the whole forward cabin area surrounding the gear boxes as well as baggage door opening. It is working very well and has even been tested with a serious ground loop incident. The repair of this airplane required approximately 50% less parts and their associated replacement labor. That is a signifigant sum, and we hope it will help with insurance for our 195's in the future.

See Ground Loop Repair, Door Posts & Gear Alignment under Maint & Tech Info for more related information.

Barron Aviation Cessna 195 Locking Tail Wheel

This Locking Tail Wheel Modification is a very simple and reliable system. It is relatively quick and easy to install and has very few moving parts to interfere with normal operation. The inflation of the tail strut has no bearing on the operation of this system, and if anything should ever fail the locking mechanism is spring loaded to the locked position. Our goal with this kit was to create an effective, reliable and more economical locking tail wheel system. We have been using this modification for two years absolutely trouble free.

The Engineering of this system is approved and the STC Approval process will begin soon.