Elevator Spar


The 190/195 elevator spar is prone to cracking at the tip where it attaches to the outboard rib. We have repaired many and have chosen to install our reinforcements during any elevator rebuild. We install two 90 degree doublers that completely replace the original single bend attach. I would recommend this to anyone rebuilding their elevators as it is a relatively easy and inexpensive modification that when done correctly should at least double the strength of this weak point. We would greatly appreciate any feedback in this area especially how many are found cracked vs. not so we can pass this information along.

Also the elevator spar is prone to cracking at the hinge attach point. This area is addressed by AD 51-11-02. This AD is written to apply only to specified serial numbers of aircraft. This was probably sufficient in 1951 when this AD was written and to date most of the affected elevators have been modified with Cessna’s doubler kit. It is possible, however, to have a replacement elevator that was in storage or removed from service years ago and is now installed on a flying airplane. Based on our findings, it would be prudent as an owner to request that all AD’s for the series be researched at your next annual.